Europe’s last hidden gem

King’s Trail – Albania

Ancient and beautiful, the trail offers spectacular mountain scenery, fortress towns, Adriatic coastline, and homestays where you can experience an almost-forgotten Europe.


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Experience true Albania on this challenging trail where youโ€™ll begin the week riding in remote and wild mountains with steep downhill sections all the way to the Ionian sea and back.ย  Wind your way through a variety of landscapes combining mountain climbing, river crossings, woods and the beach. This trail is for confident, intermediate riders and you must have a head for heights.ย Some fast gallops in the valleys are a treat when the terrain allows.
A mix of exhilarating riding, spectacular scenery, fascinating archaeology, alongside the opportunity to explore a completely unique country and culture with relaxed downtime every evening. Our partners in Albania have put together such aย well planned itinerary with a stop at least every couple of hours to explore an old church, swim in a river or visit a place of interest. Expect fast riding on more level ground and slower, more challenging ridingย up and down the very steep hillsides.