The Holiday Gift Guide For Your Riding Friends & Family

Hello December!

As we are entering the last month of 2022 we’re definitely feeling the holiday spirit kicking in, so it’s time to get started on the gift shopping if you haven’t already. It never is an easy task to please everyone and to find the perfect gift that will light up their faces, but if your family and friends are also riders, then keep on reading as at SaddleTravel we know a thing or two about pleasing horse lovers!


For the dressage “nerd”

See your dressage-obsessed friend or family member get all excited when they unwrap a pair of shining new riding boots from a tried, tested and approved favourite brand. You can never go wrong with a pair of classic black leather boots that will go with everything and will last a lifetime to become their new trusted riding staple in the dressage arena. Find the perfect pair of riding boots here.
And the hi-tech riding socks to match here.

For the adventurous hacker

They disappear from civilization for hours on end, going out on long hacks with their four-legged best friend or even on day-long adventures, camping out in the wild and getting lost in nature. Support their adventurous spirit with a trail-friendly accessory and perk up their trail saddle bag with a strong all-resistant bottle bag, so that they never get thirsty on their exciting outings. Shop durable, made in Wales saddle bottle bags here. Add an extra present in theirs stockings with waterproof riding gloves.

                                                                 For the funky rider

Everyone loves them at the stables and they always have a funny word for their fellow riders and keep the morale up and light. They’re the life of the party and their personal style says it all: they’re not the one to shy away from colourful breeches or funky accessories. This winter, add to their collection of joyful riding gear with a pom pom hat cover that will be sure to bring a big smile on their faces – and on those around them.  Pick your favourite between three colour combinations here.



For the riding family

It’s a family affair: everyone from the parents to the kids fell in love with riding and they spend all their quality time together – and with horses of course. From their younger age, the children were riding their favourite ponies while the parents’ ideal date look like a long romantic hack. For this lovely bunch, a large travel bag in which they can carry all the family’s riding accessories when they set out to the stables would be the perfect present. And if the bag is also hand-crafted with love in Argentina, this is sure to be a hit under the Christmas tree.

Find this practical AND beautifully handcrafted travel bag here.




For the competitor

For them it’s all about their horse. They’re out competing every weekend and the rest of the time they’re at the stables training and spoiling their beloved horse. So what’s more natural than giving them a present that’s actually for their favourite four-legged companion to look their best in the next show? A brand new, high-quality bridle made of British leather is sure to delight them and to be a present they won’t return. Shop it here (more options available).

We hope that you are entering the holiday season with as much joy and excitement as we are, and that our Gift Guide will make your holiday shopping more fun and easy – we believe that when you share a passion, the act of gifting is as enjoyable as receiving.