Sierra de Gredos

Are you looking for a slower paced trail? For riders who prefer trails with some sedate canters rather than mad gallops, try our bestsellling Sierra de Gredos Trail in rural Spain.

This trail takes you over the Gredos Mountains in central Spain. Follow the Tormes river valley through varied breathtaking landscapes: from historical medieval villages to the tops of rocky mountains and stunning valleys.


This trail ride is perfect for intermediate riders. You should be happy at walk, trot and canter but you do not need to be an expert rider by any means. This is a great trail for those who don’t ride regularly or are looking for a confidence-boosting trip: the pace of the riding is moderate, with long periods of wak interspersed with trots and canters every day.

The size of the group is maximum 10 riders and you will spend 4 to 7 hours in the saddle every day, riding one of the excellent Hispano-Arab horses from Emilio’s stables.

During your horse riding adventure you will stay in charming rural Inns in villages or in delightful 4* hotels, in bedrooms with their own ensuite bathrooms.

The food is one of the highlights of this trip!

You will take regular tapas breaks in unexpected places and you will get to taste delicious traditional Spanish food at lunch and dinner, paired with excellent local wines.

Fully disconnect for 7 days / 6 nights with our best-selling horse riding adventure, only a few hours flight from the UK.

Available dates between June and October 2023.