💞 Which Riding Couple Are You? 💞

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you are so lucky to have a partner that shares the same passion for horse riding and traveling, then you’re in for a treat!

Treat yourselves to a wonderfully romantic riding holiday and make some lifelong memories together, but before embarking on your next couple’s trip, read on to make sure you pick the right holiday for both of you so that you both get to enjoy your time in and out of the saddle.

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The New Couple

You and your partner have not been together for that long, but it’s definitely been love at first sight and you are so excited to be sharing a passion for riding and can’t wait to spend more time together on horseback. Since the love story is still young, we advise to stick to a shorter excursion, 4 to 5 days is a perfect duration, long enough to feel like you’re truly disconnecting from your everyday life, but not too long so that you’re confident both of you will enjoy spending all this time together. A European destination like Italy, Spain or Portugal is also ideal, to get just that touch of exoticism while being logistically simple to organize.

The Adventurous Pair

So you’re both in for a real adventure – that’s the burning passion you’re sharing, and every holiday with you must taste like the unknown. Pick a destination that none of you will be likely to have visited before, and bonus points if it’s one that is off the beaten tracks! Look for places that are not usually associated with horse riding, as some of them do offer amazing trails and very unique and adventurous experiences. We’re thinking Albania, Bosnia or even India for a full-on horse riding expedition with your loved one!

The Independent Ones

You love each other dearly, share a passion for horses and travel, but sometimes you do have diverging interests or just want to do some things apart, and that’s totally understandable! Our advice for your independent personalities is to go for a residential holiday in a place offering multi-activities programmes: that way each one of you can tailor make their own schedule and try out different activities as they please, all while enjoying plenty of opportunities to meet for hacks around the property and of course sharing delicious meals together – or even a Spa treatment in between busy days!

The Honeymooners

Ready for the trip of a lifetime? Either to celebrate a happy milestone in your relationship, or simply to treat yourselves to lifelong memories together, go to Africa to find everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. African horse riding safaris are sure to delight all your senses and tick all the boxes: complete exoticism in the heart of African reserves, luxurious and comfortable accommodation in lodges, exhilarating riding surrounded by wild fauna, delicious food and romantic evenings by the fire under the starry skies… Kenya, Botswana or South Africa are all wonderful, safe destinations for a riding safari and we promise you that such a trip is one that you’ll never forget.