Egyptian Desert Escape

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Egypt ( Best airport: Cairo)

Escape into the stunning landscapes of Egypt on this exhilarating riding holiday. Galloping at the Pyramids of Giza and camping in the desert in Luxor are experiences youโ€™ll never forget! Visit the ancient temples on horseback, ride in the Theban Mountains and enjoy a sunset dinner cruise on the Nile.

Level of Riding and Fitness

You should be comfortable with the basics of riding (in control at the walk, trot, and canter). There are 4-7 hours of riding a day so a good level of general fitness is beneficial. Although there is an age limit of 16 years or older, younger riders may be considered if they have sufficient riding ability. The weight limit is 95kg.

Guides and Group Size

Your guide Ganun has made a name for himself in the horse world in Egypt. He is well-known around the streets of Luxor and canโ€™t go far without someone trying to sell him a horse!

Ganun has worked with horses since a young age and his understanding of them is remarkable. From Sharm El-Sheikh to Luxor, he has excelled as a guide leading horseback riding tours for over 16 years. He was even featured as a top tour guide in Luxor in 2016. In addition to leading tours, he has extensive experience training, breeding, showing, and rehabilitating horses.

The group size for this ride is limited to 2-8 people.

The Horses

All of the horses are Egyptian or โ€œBaladiโ€ horses, the type of horse most commonly found across Egypt. Baladi horses are native to Egypt but have mixed bloodlines with Arabian and European influences. They are spirited, quick, and versatile. They are ridden in English tack.

Many of the horses have been rescued from difficult situations and rehabilitated. They are forward-going and responsive with impressive stamina for long days in the saddle. Each horse has their own unique personality, and your guides will do their best to match horse to rider based on riding ability and personal preferences.


Accommodation and Dining

In Cairo you will stay close to the pyramids at a boutique hotel in the heart of Giza, just across the Nile from Cairo. No matter which hotel you are in, you are guaranteed to have a once-in-a-lifetime view!

In Luxor, you will stay on the tranquil West Bank, the quieter side of the Nile with fewer tourists. The riding base is in a small village surrounded by farmland not far from the sights; the atmosphere is laid back and relaxing. You might be in a charming villa with traditional dome rooms, a vibrantly decorated guest house with views of the Nile, or your own fully equipped flat. In any of the places, you will be well accommodated while still feeling integrated with the local area. When camping, you will spend 3 nights in a Bedouin style tent or under the stars with sleeping bags alongside the horses.

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Egyptian Desert Escape

7 days / 6 nights / 5 riding days

Flights & Airport transfers

Do not book flights until you have received the Booking confirmation email from

We recommend arriving in the afternoon or earlier on the first day. This allows time for you to get to your hotel and settle in before meeting the group for dinner to kick off your tour. However, we understand if this is not possible and we can still accommodate other travel plans.

This riding tour starts in Cairo and ends in Luxor; therefore you will need to book your own transfer flight. Flights between Cairo and Luxor operate at various times daily. The following flight time(s) should be booked:

Transfer Day: 6 pm flight from Cairo International Airport (CAI) to Luxor International Airport (LUX)
Last Day of Tour: If you booked a roundtrip ticket to and from Cairo, we recommend booking a roundtrip flight between Cairo and Luxor as well. When picking your Luxor departure flight, make sure to plan enough time between arriving in Cairo and your Cairo departure time. We advise giving yourself at least 3 hours in case of delays.

Price Includes
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Transfer from Cairo airport and transfers to and from Luxor airport
  • Other ground transportation
  • Entrance fees and cultural tour
  • 5 days riding
Price Excludes
  • Flights
  • Personal travel expenses
  • Visas
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Additional activities outside of the itinerary

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