10 Questions To Help You Pick The Best Horse Riding Holiday For You

Pick the perfect horseback riding holiday 

10 questions to ask yourselves before hopping in the saddle

That’s it, you’ve decided to book your next trip, and it’s going to be a horseback riding holiday! You’re ready to experience a multi-day trip in the saddle, riding several hours a day, connecting with your horse and discovering new horizons from horseback.

But before you dive head first, here are 10 questions to ask yourself to choose the best format and destination and make sure you’ll go on a trip that matches all your dreams.

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1 – What is your main goal for your horse riding holidays?

What is your main motivation to go and spend several days in the saddle, away from home? Are you looking to improve your technique or resistance? To combine your passion for horses and the joy of discovering new places? To meet new people who share the same passion? Identifying what is your main motivation will enable you to pick a format and destination that fulfills your main objective!

2 – What is your riding level?

Some destinations welcome all levels, from beginners to advanced, while others cater to riders who already feel comfortable in the saddle. Be realistic about your riding level and in doubt, reach out to the organiser to check what the required level is. Nothing wrong with going for a fast-paced trail to challenge yourself, but to enjoy your riding holiday to the fullest, pick an excursion where you will feel confident and in control throughout the full trail.

3 – Where do you want to go?

Somewhere nearby or a faraway destination? Easily reachable or wild and remote? Would you like to combine your riding holiday with new cultural and touristic discoveries or rather focus on your riding adventure in nature? Saddle Travel offers riding holidays in more than 30 different countries, with various formats: some of them very nature-oriented, others combining time in the saddle and touristic activities. Some destinations even merge the two and offer horseback cultural tours and visits!

4 – Which climate and time of the year?

If you have a busy schedule with little flexibility on dates, then ask yourself which kind of climate you are after for your next holiday: for instance if you plan on going on a trip during winter time but you’re actually dreaming of sunny, warm weather, then pick a destination in the southern hemisphere; if you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland adventure, European or American destinations will offer just what you need.

5 – How long do you want to go?

If you want to fully switch off from your daily life, go for a longer trip of over a week. However if you’re a bit pressed with time but still would like to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you can choose from our shorter stays: trips that last less than a week or just over a long weekend, from 4 to 5 days.

6 – Traveling solo, or with family or friends?

Do you dream of a solo trip with quality me-time to truly focus on your riding, or to meet new people who share the same passion? Some of our destinations are perfect for solo travelers. If on the contrary you’re traveling with your family or friends, then take into account everyone’s riding level and experience to find a destination that will please everyone. Some destinations also welcome non-riding guests so that groups or couples can enjoy beautiful holidays together.

7 – Multi-day trail or residential stay?

If you’re opting for a long trail, you’ll be riding several days in a row and sleep in a different place every night. Usually your luggage follows in a support car but in some cases you may have to travel light, with your essentials in saddlebags. If you prefer to enjoy the comfort of coming back to the same accommodation every night, choose a residential stay: the hacks are star-shaped around the hotel and some destinations even combine the two formats, to enjoy the best of both worlds!

8 – Which level of adventure or comfort are you after?

Are you seeking a true adventure to get out of your comfort zone, or are you more into relaxing in a comfortable accommodation while riding everyday? If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a multi-day trail with camping: you’ll spend incredible moments under the stars with your two- and four-legged travel friends. If for you, holiday rhymes with luxury, go for a residential stay in an accommodation that offers additional services like a swimming pool, spa, massages, etc. to complement perfectly long days in the saddle!

9 – Only horseback trail riding or other activities too?

Some destinations focus on pure trail riding in nature, but if you would like to take advantage of your holiday to improve your technique in flatwork or jumping, choose a host that also offers riding lessons or intensive programmes so that you can combine the joy of hacking and riding lessons. Some destinations, for instance the American ranches, offer many other activities such as fishing, shooting, cycling or hiking.

10 – What is your budget?

At Saddle Travel you can find horseback riding holidays for every budget. Ranging from £550 all inclusive for a week of trail riding in Morocco, to luxurious holidays such as a horse riding safari in Kenya or Botswana, you’ll be spoilt with choice and are sure to find a horse riding holiday that matches your dreams and your budget.