Horse Riding Holidays in Argentina

Argentina, the worldโ€™s eighth largest country, holds such natural wonders as Patagonia, the Andes Mountains and Iguazu Falls. It is also the land of the gaucho, who for centuries have roamed the pampas on horseback, herding cattle and living a nomadic lifestyle.ย 


Los Potreros

8 days / 7 nights / 7 riding days

Argentina. Land of the gaucho, wide open spaces, the finest beef and some of the world’s best wine. Where horses are used for work and transport, and where cattle roam free. Where your hosts, The Begg Family wait to welcome you for a taste of authentic estancia life.

The estancia is easy to reach from Cรณrdoba but away from the tourist trail. Offering a unique insight into rural culture and traditions, the family invite you to share their home and lifestyle.ย  Whether your passion is horseback riding, bird-watching, exploring scenic walking trails or simply relaxing amongst local tradition and culture,ย  guests enoy a once in a lifetime holiday. Come and fall in love with Argentina as you eat, drink and breathe it alongside the gauchos.

โ€œA magical place! I cannot imagine any other riding experience … beyond comparison.โ€

– K.K Feb 2022.

Mountain Life

Travel back in time and follow the historic San Martin route from Argentina to Chile, camping high up in the mountains among incredible views. A once in a lifetime adventure!

Live the Gaucho Life

Head to Los Potreros for cattles drives, trail rides and polo, another famous Argentine pastime! Youโ€™ll be treated like family at this working estancia, where you can also enjoy non-riding activities such as bird watching, walking, farm drives, or simply enjoying a Malbec with an โ€˜asadoโ€™.