Horse Riding Holidays in Albania

Dive deep into the rural Albanian lifestyle on a week-long horse riding holiday. Riding in the mountainous region of Zagoria feels like a stepping back in time. The area is very rich in history and the trail will take you past the ruins of castles built by famous Ottoman leaders, notorious bandit hideouts and an archaeological site of Antigonea dating back to 295 BC. This holiday offers a fantastic mixture of stunning landscape, Albanian culture and great horse riding.


Winter Trail

8 days / 7 nights / 4 riding days

Experience winter in the South of Albania. This trail combines 4 horse riding days in a changing landscape of valleys, hills, small forests and rivers, with another 2 days of culture, hospitality, monuments, thermal baths, archaeological sites and Ionian coasts. This trail offers real moments in the saddle and some dynamic off road experiences to explore the very unspoiled parts of the South. Riders can interact, participate and live part of the Albanian local life.


Kings Trail

8 days / 7 nights / 6 riding days

Experience true Albania with the best local cuisine, history and hospitality. This trail follows in the tracks of Ilirian King Skerdilajd, on his way to conquer Kaonia 2,300 years ago. Experience unspoilt nature, colourful culture and welcoming people while riding reliable, strong horses. Wind your way through a variety of landscapes combining mountain climbing, river crossings, woods and the beach. You will find ancient ruins, castles, churches and monasteries sitting adjacent to the bunkers and military infrastructure from communist past.


Zagoria Trail

8 days / 7 nights / 6 days riding

Travel back in time and follow the mediaeval Zagoria caravan pathways intoย the land of myths and tales. Your ride will pass through ancient ruins, medievalย villages with their churches, and unique stone bridges built during the period of Ali Pasha.

Riding in the stunning mountain scenery

The Zagoria Trail horse riding holiday gives you chance to discover the hidden treasures and endless views of Albania. Ride on the unknown, narrow paths and take in the incredible mountain scenery and enjoy the wonderful scent of wild flowers as you climb up to reach the viewpoint. Descend back down to the river valley on the ancient caravan paths and experience the exhilarating canters on your robust Tarpan horse.

Stay with the friendly locals

This horse riding holiday gives you an opportunity to get to know the true rural Albanian lifestyle. Each night of the trail you will be warmly welcomed to stay at the home of a local family. Learn about the generations old traditions as you join the local life. The most enthusiastic of guests are welcome to help the families with their daily chores or dinner preparations. Gather around the table in the evening and try the traditional Albanian dishes, all freshly cooked from local produce, and soak in the quiet way of life.