Horse Riding Holidays in Egypt

We invite you to discover Egypt from a unique perspective: on the back of a horse. Whether you’re an advanced equestrian or a complete beginner, our local guides will take you on an exhilarating ride unlike any other. Exploring the ancient landscape on lively horses is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.


Ancient Adventures

8 days / 7 nights / 6 riding days

This week-long tour will show you the best of Cairo and Luxor with a combination of riding and sight-seeing. Highlights will include a ride at the Pyramids of Giza, desert camping with your horses, a sunset dinner on the Nile and a visit to the Karnak and Luxor Temples. Ride forward-going horses through the desert and take in the incredible sights of this ancient land.


Magic of Luxor

5 days / 4 nights / 3 riding days

Travel back in time to the ancient city of Thebes on this enchanting riding holiday. Ride, relax, and immerse yourself in the local culture and the magic of Luxor. Highlights include a visit to the Valley of the Kings, canters along sugar cane fields and a sunrise hot air balloon ride.

Ancient Lands

Luxor is known as the largest open-air museum in the world, and the West Bank can easily be explored by horseback. The Columns of Memnon, Habu Temple, Ramesseum, Hatschepsut Temple, and the Valley of the Kings are just some of the amazing history you can experience.
If youโ€™re visiting Cairo you can ride around the Pyramids of Giza, or pay a visit to the worldโ€™s oldest pyramid โ€“ the Step Pyramid of Djoser. A recent discovery of more than 100 mummies now on display makes this an especially worthwhile trip.