Horse Riding Holidays in New Zealand

Forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and fiords make New Zealand one of the best horse riding destinations on the planet and itโ€™s easy to see why itโ€™s been picked as an ideal wilderness filming location. From alpine lakes to sunken valleys, the South Island, where our horse riding holidays are located is home to astounding scenery and plenty of adventures.

New Zealand

New Zealand Pack Trip

14 days / 13 nights / 11 days riding

Join the longest pack trip in New Zealand in the heart of the South Island, on this trail riding expedition. Cross some of the largest rivers in New Zealand, (some taking up to an hour to cross). The surefooted, steadfast horses travel alongside free-running pack horses and make sure that riders are in safe hands. A real adventure for intrepid and adventurous travellers.

Camping in shearers huts and under canvas adds to the magicย  of this ride, on some nights there is no electricity or running water, and every night meals are cooked around an open fire. A good bottle of New Zealand wine is never far away.

A day on the trail

Climb into a comfortable stock saddle atop one of the strong Clydesdale/Thoroughbred horses used on this horse riding holiday. Spend the day riding over high mountain passes on pack tracks made by early pioneers and trek across rugged terrain listening to the wide variety of native birds. Every day on the trail youโ€™ll be viewing the spectacular and majestic snow capped mountains towering high above bush covered slopes, vast river flats, crystal clear lakes and sparkling rivers which gush through sheer faced gorges.

Relax and unwind

Imagine sitting around the campfire, sipping wine and chatting about the dayโ€™s adventures on one of our epic horse riding holidays in New Zealand. Eat a hearty meal cooked over an open fire accompanied by a hot cup of tea (or something stronger), then lay back and gaze at the star filled sky.