Horse Riding Holidays in Kenya

The East African country of Kenya can give you one of the most exciting horse riding holidays on the planet. With unrivalled game viewing, and the chance to ride alongside the largest herds of wildebeest and zebra in Africa in one of natureโ€™s most impressive natural spectacles, Kenya is unparalleled in African Safaris. With options for both lodge-based horse safaris and the traditional luxury mobile tented-camp horse safaris, riding here is a once in a lifetime experience. Immerse yourself and feel at one with Africaโ€™s wilderness, while also lavishing all those wonderful creature comforts.


Offbeat Safari

8 days / 7 nights / 8 riding days

Head to the wilds of Kenya to join this unrivalled mobile horseback safaris amongst big game. Riding up close to elephants, lions and buffalo, or galloping with wildebeest and zebra are exhilarating experiences. If you are a rider, there is no better way to see Kenya than from the back of a horse. This safari takes you across the Masai Mara, Laikipia, and Amboseli, over 5-10 days with a mobile tented camp that moves with you, this is the epitome of what a true wildlife safari is all about.


Sosian Lodge

7 days / 6 nights / 7 riding days

Create your perfect trip with a completely bespoke itinerary at this 24,000 acre wildlife ranch. Sosian Lodge is a ranch house which has been beautifully restored to accommodate up to 14 people. Four double cottages are dotted throughout the gardens, against a backdrop of Mt Kenya with views for miles over the Laikipia Plateau. This is true unspoilt Africa. The lodge has a beautiful swimming pool, plus a tennis court, organic vegetable garden and a stable yard of 30 safari horses. The list of safari activities available is extensive and the ranch lies at an altitude of 5500ft, which makes for a perfect climate, with no record of malaria.


Masai Mara Safari

9 days / 8 nights / 9 riding days

This is the ultimate riding safari through some of the most prolific wildlife areas in Africa. Home to one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth; the wildebeest migration where more than a million hungry wildebeest travel from Tanzania to Kenya’s Mara National Reserve alongside a few hundred thousand zebras and half a million gazelles, these safaris are characterised by the relaxed pace, luxurious camps and interaction and collaboration with the indiginous Maasai people. On this mobile tented safari youโ€™ll ride alongside an abundance of wildlife such as lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and zebra, as well as huge numbers of plains game and birdlife.

A natural wonder

The Masai Mara is 1510 sq km of open rolling grasslands that extend northward from Tanzania’s Serengeti and contains some of the best riding country and game viewing in the entire continent. For those riders looking for an unparalleled horse riding holiday there can be no contenders to the annual wildebeest migration in Kenyaโ€™s Masai Mara. Every July and August when over a million wildebeest and herd animals migrate here in search of lush grass, only to turn south for greener pastures in October and November.

Kenyaโ€™s Great Migration is the largest movement of animals on the planet. Numbers vary annually, but it’s estimated that herd sizes can reach 1.5 million wildebeest, alongside just under a million zebras, topi and eland. Waves of zebras arrive first, followed by the wildebeests behind them.