Horse Riding Holidays in France

From sun-drenched vineyards offering the worldโ€™s most well-respected wine to ancient castles and medieval cities, a horse-riding holiday in France offers the full package; excellent, well-schooled horses, delicious food and wine, hot, sunny weather and diverse scenery. Horse riding in France is the perfect mode of transport to discover the huge diversity of landscapes in the country. Take in rolling hills, pine forests and the rich and varied cultural heritage of this landscape on one of our week-long horse riding holidays.


Bordeaux Wine Trail

8 days / 7 nights / 6 days riding

Ride through the vineyards of Bordeaux, tasting some of the world-famous wines produced in the region: Mรฉdoc, Cรดte de Blaye, Cรดte de Bourg, Bordeaux Supรฉrieur, Lalande-Pomerol, St Emilion and Sauternes to name a few. Wash these down with plenty of local cheeses, meats and potato dauphinoise for a truly indulgent experience combined with fast-paced riding through the quintessentially french countryside.

A culture of gastronomy

Youโ€™ll certainly eat well on a horse riding holiday in France, good food remains a national obsession. From buttery croissants with steaming coffee for breakfast to extensive, buffet-style picnic lunches and four-course dinners, French food is considered peerless by the locals with great importance placed on fresh ingredients. Combine the cuisine with arguably some of the best wines in the world and youโ€™ll be enjoying the meal times as much as the horse-riding. Nothing rounds off a day’s riding better than a delicious French meal and a glass or two of local wine.

A long tradition of riding

Trail riding in France follows a long tradition and is perhaps one of the worldโ€™s greatest equestrian nations with high levels of participation, a renowned breeding sector and some of competitive sportโ€™s biggest names. The French are proud of their horses and any horse you ride will be in excellent condition, well-schooled and responsive. Unlike many other countries horse-riding guides have to be qualified to lead trails in France so you are guaranteed to be led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide who has passed many exams and completed long courses to be an equestrian guide. France is a real treat for horse riders and our hand-picked selection of french horse-riding holidays offer something for everyone.