Horse Riding Holidays in Iceland

Ride between the glaciers, dive into the relaxing hot springs and discover the most spectacular natural wonders of Iceland on one these horse riding holidays. Experience the otherworldly volcanic landscapes of this magical island as you ride through the uninhabited wilderness, distant highlands and moors full of mystery. Admire the thundering foams of Icelandโ€™s most magnificent waterfalls, ride past shimmering lakes and follow the mountain paths into the lush green valleys. Enjoy the delicious traditional home cooking and stay the nights in remote mountain huts. What a better way to spend your holidays in Iceland than joining one of the true horse riding expeditions and tรถlt across the stunning landscape on the Icelandic horses.


Northern Lights Trail

4 days / 3 nights / 3 days riding

Visit a remote winter wonderland with a cosy hotel stay and the chance to witness the Northern Lights in the night sky. Spent three days riding the willing Icelandic horses on volcanic mountain slopes before relaxing in thermal swimming pools and watching the snow fall from the outdoor hot tub. The Icelandic winter is an incredibly special time to visit this region. This trail also includes a half day excursion by bus to take in the waterfalls, geysers and hot springs scattered across southern Iceland.


Fire and Ice Trail

5 days / 4 nights / 4 days riding

Stay in a unique area of exceptional beauty with volcanic formations, green valleys and hot springs while you spend four days riding over Iceland’s varied landscapes of meadows, waterfalls and black sand beaches.Discover the fast-flowing, glacial waters of the ร–lfusรก river and see the hot, geothermal streams of Reykjadalur. This short break culminates with a day of fantastic beach riding.


Kjolur Trail

7 days / 6 nights / 6 days riding

The Kjรถlur route is an ancient riding trail crossing Icelandโ€™s uninhabited highland, intimately associated with many dramatic events in Icelandic history. Visit the popular attractions of Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hot springs before heading to the interior of Iceland, passing glaciers, hot springs and the fascinating wilderness of the highlands.

Riding the Icelandic horses

Meet the famous Icelandic horses and learn to ride their special gait, tรถlt. On these horse riding holidays in Iceland you will have the opportunity to experience the special way of how Icelanders used to travel in the old days, riding with a free running herd of horses! Keeping up with the herd requires a certain speed and youโ€™ll be covering the distance mainly in tรถlt, riding 2 to 3 different horses each day. These small, powerful and energetic horses will win your heart with their curious and intelligent character, willing nature and furry manes. The Icelandic horse has a deep history in the country and the breed has been carefully protected for over a thousand years making them truly unique. It is an absolute must to experience a riding holiday with these extraordinary horses of Iceland!