10 Tips to incorporate horse riding into your Back To School schedule

Finding Your Stride: Incorporating Horse Riding into Your Back-to-School Schedule

As summer gives way to autumn, adult riders everywhere face a perennial challenge: how to juggle horse riding, hacking, and trail riding with the constraints of a back-to-school schedule. Whether you’re a parent, student, teacher, or someone who just happens to live in a community that gets busier when school is in session, your leisure time is likely to become scarce.

Balancing equestrian pursuits with academic or professional commitments may seem daunting, but with some creative scheduling and strategic planning, you can have your cake and eat it tooโ€”or in this case, saddle your horse and ride it too. Read on to see how:

  1. Set Clear Priorities

Before the school year begins, establish a hierarchy of your responsibilities and commitments. Knowing your non-negotiables will help you build a realistic timetable that accommodates your equestrian activities without jeopardizing your other duties.

  1. Take Advantage of Off-Peak Hours

Whether you’re hitting the trails or practicing in an arena, doing so during off-peak hours can afford you more flexibility and less stress. Consider early mornings, late afternoons, or even your lunch break as potential windows for riding.

  1. Leverage Weekends

Weekends can be a goldmine for extended riding sessions, especially if your weekdays are packed. This could be the perfect time for trail rides or hacking, which often require more time and preparation than a quick training session.

  1. Utilize Online Resources and Tools

From horse care tutorials to riding lessons, a wealth of online resources can supplement your physical time in the saddle. Whether it’s watching a dressage webinar while making dinner or listening to an equestrian podcast during your commute, make the most of your downtime.

  1. Be Flexible but Consistent

Your schedule may not allow for riding every day, and that’s okay. What’s important is maintaining a consistent routine that keeps both you and your horse in good form. You might not be able to commit to a 5-day-a-week regimen, but even a consistent 2 or 3 days can make a world of difference.

  1. Involve Your Family

If you’re a parent, why not make horse riding a family affair? Not only will this allow you to indulge in your passion, but it’s also a wonderful way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Who knows, you might even be nurturing the next generation of equestrian champions!

  1. Enlist the Help of a Professional

If you’re particularly pressed for time, consider hiring a professional to exercise your horse on the days you can’t. Not only will this keep your horse in good physical condition, but you’ll also benefit from the expertise a professional can offer.

  1. Know When to Take a Break

Life happens. There will be weeks when even your best-laid plans fall apart. Recognize when you need to step back and take a break, both for your well-being and that of your horse. A well-rested rider is always better than a stressed one.

  1. Plan Ahead for Special Events

If you have school holidays, use them wisely. Plan special riding outings, like a weekend trail ride, a 4-day trail ride with one of our short breaks, a longer horse riding holiday or even just a visit to a different riding school, and plan it well in advance so you have something to look forward to.

  1. Celebrate Small Victories

Balancing an adult life with a passion for horse riding is no small feat. Whenever you successfully incorporate riding into your busy life, take a moment to celebrate, even if it’s just a quiet moment of gratitude.

Balancing horse riding with a back-to-school schedule might seem like a tough act, but remember: where there’s a will, there’s a way. With thoughtful planning and a dash of creativity, you can continue to enjoy the exhilarating world of horse riding, no matter how busy life gets.