How To Pay For A Horse Riding Holiday (or anything else)

Do you have a dream of riding on a wild safari, exploring new cultures and countries from horseback, getting away with a group of like-minded people and supporting horse culture worldwide in as far-flung destinations as Rajasthan in India, Cappadocia in Turkey, Wyoming in the US or the depths of Kenya?
The hardest part of making this dream a reality can be the cost of it. Riding holidays vary from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. Here are our best tips (tried and tested by us!) to make your dream trip a reality.
1. What Gets Measured, Gets Managed.
The first step if you donโ€™t already do so is to start a budget for yourself. If that seems daunting, begin by writing down all your expenses for one month, youโ€™ll be surprised by how much you can spend on non-essential items that you wouldnโ€™t miss like snacks while you are out. Writing down all your spending will force you to be more aware of it regardless of whether you set any savings goals. Once the month is up, a simple list of your monthly spending vs your income will show you how much you could afford NOT to spend each month.
2. Put It Away
Once you have the amount your budget tells you can be saved each month, do not leave it languishing in your main bank account as you will spend it! You can either put it away in a savings account that pays interest or if you want to be able to access it you can use the Post Officeโ€™s Premium Bonds which means you could win money each month (in lieu of interest). The key thing to remember is to put it somewhere other than your main bank accountย on the day you receive it.
3. Earn More
It is easier to earn more rather than scrimp and save to increase your savings. Women traditionally undervalue themselves in comparison to men and wonโ€™t ask for pay rises or apply for higher paid positions. If that applies to you, donโ€™t underestimate how difficult it can be for companies to find good employees and sell yourself accordingly. For a small amount extra sell things you no longer need using Vinted or if you are time rich investigate other flexible jobs you can do such as freelance copy-writing, babysitting, buying and selling antiques, whatever you feel you could enjoy.
4. Get in Touch
At, we can suggest trips to suit many different budgets from ยฃ500 to ยฃ10,000 and many can be booked a year in advance with just a 20% deposit giving you the perfect goal to work towards. Itโ€™s easier to resist that takeaway when you know youโ€™ve got an all inclusive horse-riding holiday in South America waiting for you!