Ride All Day in The Magical Landscape of Cappadocia ⛰️

Experience the incredible and unusual beauty of Turkey’s Cappadocia region from horseback. A cross between the Grand Canyon and a moonscape, this trail takes you through some of the world’s most unusual and spectacular landscapes. And at a fast pace. Fit and experienced riders only for this one.

Traversing the countless valleys and mountains by horseback brings riders in touch with the area’s breathtaking beauty. Forget the tour buses or even the rental cars – this astonishing region of Central Anatolia is best seen from a horse!
Day 1
Arrival at Kayseri airport after transferring in Istanbul. You will be met by your shuttle driver and transferred to your hotel (a 50 minute drive) where you will have a welcome dinner with your guide at around 8pm.
Day 2
Drive to the ranch in the early morning to meet and choose your horse and get acquainted with the tack. You will have time to test your horse on a 1km training course around the farm before the trail begins along the stream of the Uzengi canyon. Villagers cook a delicious local lunch for you on a woodfire.
After lunch, ride in the stream of Uzengi and your first long canter takes you to Avlak mountain with a magnificent view of Cappadocia. The afternoon is spent riding through a huge valley where the ghost village of Karain is situated – the horses will be settled for the night near to Karain and you can enjoy a drink as you watch them. A shuttle bus will then drive you back to your hotel.
Day 3
Today starts by cantering through the fields of the high Anatolian plateau. You will dismount to walk and lead your horse along a steep trail, single file, for approximately 20 minutes. This brings you down to Damsa lake where in hot weather you can swim in the lake with your horse.
The scenery in the afternoon is overlooking a valley of fairy chimneys. There are tracks of soft red clay this afternoon, ideal for cantering, and you will eventually reach the village of Ayvali by passing through a hidden canyon.
Day 4
This morning you have a quick start with another canter, bringing you to the underground village of Golgoli. Your sure-footed horse will take you off the beaten track, following scenic paths through rock formations, vineyards and orchards, all surrounded by table-mountains.
You will arrive to the centre of the old Greek village of Mustafapasa, on horseback, and then onto a scenic plateau with a chance for another blast on your horse.
Day 5
After leaving the hotel on horseback you wind your way along the lush, narrow canyon of a remote village, before galloping on large sandy tracks. Today you will visit a second and different type of underground village called Kirkule.
Another long canter leads you through vineyards and orchards to reach the fairy chimneys of Gomeda Valley. More riding fun awaits you here as you ride through the narrow corridors and archers of the canyon. Riding uphill you will reach one of the best Cappadocian restaurants for lunch. After lunch you can start ascending the ‘twin hills’ of Cappadocia to reach a panoramic viewpoint which encompasses northern Cappadocia and the towering rock fortress of Uchisar. You will reach your panoramic hotel on horseback and enjoy a drink on the terrace.
Day 6
This morning there is an optional hot-air balloon flight  in the early morning before saddling up and winding your way through the rock tunnels, arches and small woods of the spectacular 4km-long canyon called the Green Valley.
 In the afternoon you explore more of the Red and Rose Valleys and then further out into the fields, surrounded by the rock hills of north Cappadocia. The winding paths of the Shepherd’s valley take you back (with a long canter) to your hotel in Uchisar in time to admire north Cappadocia in the sunset.
Day 7
This is your last riding day and you begin by exploring another beautiful canyon called the White Valley, named after the colour of its rock. You will ride through stone labyrinths and lush vegetation, passing by more of the impressive fairy chimneys.
On crossing the picturesque village of Çavusin you dismount for a short walk to reach the plateau of Boz daha, cantering on the crest overlooking the Red Valley on one side and Devrent Valley on the other.
The maze of woody, sandy paths of the valley of Urgüp invite you to more pacey riding, before reaching the valley of Pancarlik and return to the ranch.
After a final tea on the terrace you have the option to be driven to the hammam for a relaxing steam bath and massage. There is a short transfer back to your hotel for a farewell dinner and overnight.
Day 8
After breakfast, departure to Kayseri airport for your flight home to Istanbul.