Travel Tips for Equestrian Globe Trotters

Travel tips  to get the most out of your riding holiday whether it’s your first or fiftieth!


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Riding equipment
While riding hats are available at many stables, for your own comfort if you want to wear a hat we strongly advise you to bring your own, most airlines will allow you to travel with the riding hat attached to the outside of your hand luggage, handily saving space in your suitcase and helping you identify your fellow trail riders en route! Footwear is also important, you should wear a closed shoe or boot preferably with a small heel. Trainers or wellies are not usually acceptable or comfortable. Before going on the ride we will provide you with a comprehensive packing list tailored to that trail.

Riding Health 
The most common health concern from guests on a riding holiday are sunburn. Do not underestimate the strength of the sun when you are outside for 8 hours a day. Even in relatively cooler climates such as Iceland you should protect your face, hands and forearms with a high factor sun cream.

Most of the horse riding holidays include airport transfers (or they are available for an extra cost.) One of the best parts of any horse riding holiday is that once you get yourself to the airport all logistics, travel arrangements and decisions are taken care of by the guides. Sit back as you are collected from the airport and whisked off to the start of the trail with no effort necessary.

Financial Security
The cost of all our trails are the same as if you’d booked direct, but with the extra security, firstly that the holiday has been inspected by one of our travel agents and secondly, that your money is safe with a UK-based company.

Travel insurance is mandatory for all guests travelling abroad on our riding holidays. We can recommend a list of travel insurance providers that we have personally used but there are many options. It’s important to check that your insurance covers horse-riding as an activity and covers cancellation in case you find yourself unable to go on the trip.

Horse Welfare
The condition of horses in tourism is a huge issue and horse welfare is an essential part of our inspection process when choosing rides for our website. When travelling, if you only ride horses in an acceptable condition, you’ll be voting with your money for an improvement in the condition of all horses. Things to look out for are normal demeanor and behaviour, well fitting equipment, no visible wounds and in good condition (fit and neither underweight nor overweight.)

Holidays with children
A small number of our holidays are suitable for children although most are only for adults. Based stays work better for families as they can usually offer a bespoke riding programme. We recommend all the US ranches as well as our Andalusian Hacienda and Castle in Tuscany who welcome families with children, a fantastic getaway for adventurous families.

Many of our holidays are suitable for bringing along a non-rider. Some lay on other activities such as walking, fishing, biking or swimming while others organise meals and accommodation and non-riders are welcome to make their own plans during the riding time. Non-riders are always offered a reduced cost on the full price.

Travelling Alone
The majority of guests booking a riding holiday are solo travellers and all our holidays are ideal for people travelling on their own. You will ride with like minded people, able to be as sociable as you want to be.