Our Top 5 Longest Horse Riding Adventures

Do you want to fully dive into the unique experience of a horse riding holiday abroad?

By going for a longer time – over a week-, you’ll be sure to fully disconnect from your everyday life and dive into the exhilarating world of extended horse riding holidays. There’s nothing quite like the deep connection formed with a horse during a longer journey, allowing for immersive exploration and a profound bonding experience.

Specially curated for those who seek more than just a brief escape, these longer rides offer a unique opportunity to truly disconnect, soak in breathtaking landscapes, and gallop through some of the worldโ€™s most stunning terrains.

Read below to discover our top 5 longest horse riding adventures, each meticulously designed to provide an unforgettable journey that transcends the ordinary.

New Zealand Pack Trip Long Horse Riding Holiday

The Longest One: New Zealand Pack Trip – 14 Days

Join the longest pack trip in New Zealand: in the heart of the South Island, on this trail riding expedition, you’ll cross some of the largest rivers in New Zealand, (some taking up to an hour to cross). The surefooted, steadfast horses travel alongside free-running pack horses and make sure that riders are in safe hands. A real adventure for intrepid and adventurous travellers.ย 

Camping in shearers huts and under canvas adds to the magicย  of this ride, on some nights there is no electricity or running water, and every night meals are cooked around an open fire. A good bottle of New Zealand wine is never far away!

Discover our New Zealand Pack Trip – or the trip of a lifetime – here.

Avenue of the Volcanoes Trail - Horse Riding Holidays in Ecuador

The Award-Winning One: Ecuador’s Avenue of the Volcanoes – 10 Days

A unique adventure in the spectacular Ecuadorian high Andes. This trail takes you through the heart of Ecuadorโ€™s Avenue of the Volcanoes, just 45 minutes south of the historic colonial city of Quito. The perfect trail for riders looking for an adventure in comfort, the traditional hospitality with a touch of luxury at this hacienda is second to none. Running for over a decade, this trail was understandably voted one of the top horse treks in the world by CNN.

Check out this unique trail riding trip in Ecuador, in the heart of South America, here.

Namibia Desert Crossing Long Horse Riding Trip

The Most Adventurous One: Namibia Desert Crossing – 11 Days

Join one of the most challenging trail rides in the world – and probably one of the most unforgettable experience in your life. Fast riding across 400km taking in the wide open spaces of the Namib desert, the highlands and semi-desert sheep farms,โ€ฏthrough mountainous terrain and red sand dunes until finally reaching the Atlantic ocean. Camp in tents or sleep under the stars, this is an extreme riding experience for experienced riders craving a real adventure.ย 

Ready for the ultimate adventure? Let’s cross the Namib desert on horseback!

Horse Riding Holidays Jordan Wadi Rum

The Riding Odyssey in a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Jordan’ Wadi Rum Desert Trail – 10 Days

Discover the southern parts of Jordan on horseback, where the rugged nature is breathtakingly beautiful. The natural wonder of Wadi Rum is one of the most impressive desert landscapes in the world. This echoing and colourful desert is a true paradise for nature lovers. Ride over the mountainous area around Petra with stunning views of the desert and enjoy long canters across the vast sand plains. Spend the evenings at camp sitting around a campfire, tasting delicious Arabic dishes and soaking in the quietness of the desert under starlit skies. Camp under a canopy of stars in the desert and discover Petra’s iconic Rose-Red city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ride through the Wadi Rum desert in a unique horse riding holiday in Jordan.

Kenya Horse Riding Safari Masai Mara

The Ultimate Riding Safari: Kenya’s Masai Mara Safari – 10 Days

This is the ultimate riding safari through some of the most prolific wildlife areas in Africa. Home to one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth; the wildebeest migration where more than a million hungry wildebeest travel from Tanzania to Kenyaโ€™s Mara National Reserve alongside a few hundred thousand zebras and half a million gazelles, these safaris are characterised by the relaxed pace, luxurious camps and interaction and collaboration with the indigenous Maasai people. On this mobile tented safari youโ€™ll ride alongside an abundance of wildlife such as lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and zebra, as well as huge numbers of plains game and birdlife.

Let’s go on the ultimate horse riding safari in Kenya!

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