Optimise Holiday Time To Go On More Riding Holidays

The Clever Guide to Optimising Your Holiday Time and Spend More Time Horse Riding Around the World

For UK residents who are equine enthusiasts, the dream of galloping through the golden beaches of Mozambique or trotting through the sunny hills of Italy often seems like a far-fetched fantasy. And with a limited amount of annual leave that you have to spend with family, friends, your partnerโ€™s family, thereโ€™s not much time left to spend for yourself and your own passion for riding, which may not always be shared by your loved onesโ€ฆ

But what if you could do it all without taking up a large chunk of your annual leave? It’s possible by strategically combining UK Bank Holidays with your days off. This guide is your go-to resource for optimising your holiday time for incredible horse riding holidays around the world.


Utilising UK Bank Holidays

The UK is relatively generous when it comes to Bank Holidays. In England and Wales, you typically have eight per year, while Scotland and Northern Ireland have some additional dates. These include:

New Year’s Day (January 1 – Monday 1 January 2024)
Good Friday (varies – Friday 29 March 2024)
Easter Monday (varies – Monday 1 April 2024)
Early May Bank Holiday (first Monday in May – Monday 6 May 2024)
Spring Bank Holiday (last Monday in May – Monday 27 May 2024)
Summer Bank Holiday (last Monday in August – Monday 26 August 2024)
Christmas Day (December 25 – Monday 25 December 2023, Wednesday 25 December 2024)
Boxing Day (December 26 – Tuesday 26 December 2023, Thursday 26 December 2024).

Here are some strategies to maximise your time:

Embrace the Long Weekends

Bank Holidays often fall on a Monday, which naturally creates a long weekend. If you bookend this with a single day off on either the preceding Friday or following Tuesday, you have a 4-day stretch that’s perfect for a quick European horse riding break. Destinations like Italy, Spain, and Portugal are excellent choices.

Easter Extravaganza

The Easter period is an ideal time to book a more extended trip. By taking just 4 days off (Tuesday to Friday) following Easter Monday, you get a full 10-day holiday! This is an excellent opportunity for a North American riding adventure in a US ranch, or to explore 2 African countries in one epic horse riding safari in South Africa and Botswana for example.

Christmas to New Year Getaway

The period between Christmas and New Year offers another great stretch of time for those willing to travel during the holidays. Combining Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Yearโ€™s Day Bank Holidays with a few days of annual leave can result in a holiday of two weeks or more, making it possible to venture to farther destinations and enjoy austral summer in the southern hemisphere, for instance in South America (Argentina is great at this time of year) or even going all the way to epic New Zealand.

Opt for Multi-Destination Holidays

Sometimes the flights are the most time-consuming part of the holiday. Opting for a multi-destination horse riding holiday can help you maximise different experiences without the need for additional travel time. For example, a European trip could include a ride through the vineyards of France followed by a stint on the Tuscan hills of Italy, all within a single, extended holiday.

Choose Your Destinations Wisely

Select horse riding destinations that are known for their professionalism and efficiency to ensure that you maximise your riding time. Research riding schools, read reviews, and perhaps even opt for pre-planned riding holidays from reputable tour operators such as SaddleTravel.com to eliminate the hassle of planning and ensure you get the most riding time possible.

Flexibility is Your Friend

Being flexible with your dates and destinations could land you some great last-minute deals. Moreover, if your workplace offers flexible working conditions, you could extend your holiday by working remotely for a few days, either at the beginning or the end of your trip. This could make farther destinations like South Africa or South America more feasible.

In Summary:

By strategically using your UK Bank Holidays and annual leave, planning multi-destination holidays, choosing efficient riding experiences, and embracing flexibility, you can embark on the horse riding holiday of your dreams without sacrificing too much work time. So, start planning, optimise, and before you know it, you’ll be trotting the globe on your ultimate equine adventure!

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